Foot hunts for big trophy Himalayan Tahr

"We are very proud of our Tahr hunts & the thrill our clients get when they are successful in harvesting this unique mountain trophy" 

"This hunt is available to all ages & physical abilities - due to exceptional vehicle access through this free range area"

"Expect to see 10 - 40 trophy bull Tahr each day"

Rolling average of 8 1/2 years old & 12.75 inch horns.  We can hunt Tahr all year long - for the best skins, we recommend hunting April through September.  It should be noted that many New Zealand outfitters totally rely on using helicopters to hunt Tahr in the mountains on public land.  This is a legal form of hunting in New Zealand subject to certain conditions.
We prefer to do our Tahr hunts on foot, as we consider this to be one of the best international mountain hunts available. Our success rate is basically 100% from season to season.  We spend alot of time on the hill ageing the trophy bulls and selecting good skins for mounting after.  This is impossible to do when hunting with a helicopter.

2016 trophy bull Tahr



We offer a first class foot hunt for exceptional Tahr on a privately owned free ranch station (ranch).  This Tahr herd roams wild & free over 32,000 acres and the other surrounding privately owned properties.

Vehicle access is outstanding to the mountain peaks, so we can offer our Tahr hunt to all ages & physical abilities.

tahr hunts are available all year - no closed season


One of the best free range trophy Himalayan bull Tahr we have taken over the years - Jeremy Manning of Canada (hunter)

2016 trophy Tahr - hunted during May

Very old bull Tahr - harvested 2016 season by Chris Uboldi of USA

The bottom bull on this double pedestal mount is the bull in the photo above. 12 1/2 years old and just under 14 inches.