Hunt Red Stag in New Zealand with Fraser Safaris NZ

We offer hunts from management quality through to Stags scoring 700 SCI plus.  Stags are unlike Elk as they are all different - some are more typical, others have drops, multiple points off a point etc.  We take alot of time scouting and evaluating our trophy Stags.  

Family from Dallas, Texas enjoying our New Zealand Stag hunting!  500 SCI plus Stag.


New Zealand is the "go to" country for the Red Stag biggest trophies. 

Fraser Safaris NZ is your ideal guide for stalking a Stag of your dreams!

Red Stag "roar" (rut) from mid March to the end of April each season.  Our Stags have massive heavy beams, exceptional length of tines and some have drops and other non-typical features.  We grade our Stag hunts according to SCI score (not medal quality).  Within each grade you have the opportunity to hunt for what to your eye is the best Stag you can find.

Each day it is not uncommon to see and study many trophy class Stags.  You can choose to upgrade your Stag hunt at any time during your hunt.

Lindsay Fraser guided the first two SCI world Record Red Stags taken in New Zealand (1989 and again in 1991), also the World Record Archery Stag in 2006.

2016 Red Stag trophy (400 SCI plus)

Your guide is responsible for giving you the score judgement before you shoot, in the event of you getting a higher grade Stag than booked - you will not be required to pay any additional trophy fee...
— Lindsay Fraser (Owner | Fraser Safaris NZ, SCI Master Measurer #361)

Lindsay Fraser has been a Master Measurer for SCI since this program was introduced many years ago.

Up to 330 SCI ↑

These base trophy Stags have good main frames, but don't have as many points to score.

330 - 360 SCI ↑

This grade of Stag usually have stronger beams & up to 18/20 points total (some of which are short in length)


360 - 380 SCI ↑

Usually longer main beams and longer points. 

380 - 400 SCI ↑

SCI Gold medal quality, so in the top third of the SCI Record Book

400 - 420 SCI ↑

400 - 420 SCI ↑

420 - 450 SCI ↑