New Zealand is an exceptional destination for couples & families to hunt & tour in a relaxed & safe country.  We take care of all the details from arrival to getting your trophies home to you after your hunt. Woodbury Safari Lodge is one of New Zealand’s finest custom built hunting lodges.   


Stag hunt with Stuart & Cherie Farnsworth of Monarch Taxidermy, Montana, USA

New Zealand is a very safe country to consider for a couples and/or family type hunt vacations.

We are an ideal destination for high school/college graduations, honeymoons & family package hunts.

You don’t need to have pre-trip vaccinations, New Zealand has no snakes or poisonous biting insects and our water is pure and clean to drink!
Every season we guide alot of lady hunters on exceptional hunts and introduce kids to our wonderful hunting opportunities.
If some of your family group don’t want to go on the hunt each day, let us know and we can arrange daily tour activities from our lodge.
Welcome to New Zealand!
— Lindsay & Kimberly Fraser - Woodbury Safari Lodge

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