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Should I bring my own rifle to New Zealand for my hunt?

We get asked this questions alot and it really comes down to your personal choice and your travel itinerary.

New Zealand is a very "hunter friendly" country and welcomes international hunters who bring their own sporting firearms into New Zealand.  To get the import permit, it is a simple online application process (cost NZ$25) with the New Zealand Police and then presenting the firearm on arrival to New Zealand.

A few points to remember

  1. If your travel itinerary includes other countries such as Australia or Pacific Islands, leave your gun at home and plan on using one of our quality lodge rifles.
  2. Make sure that you check your gun out of your home country, so that you don't have issues on returning home.
  3. If bringing a gun, make sure when you book your flights to allow at least 3 hours on arrival to Auckland, before your connecting domestic flight to Christchurch.  During the NZ hunting season there is likely to be several hunters at the Auckland Airport police counter obtaining their import permits, so it can take some time to get processed.
  4. Don't try to bring in a handgun (illegal for hunting in New Zealand) or military type firearm without confirming with us beforehand.



Great Tahr hunting rifle - Sako 7mm mag

Great Tahr hunting rifle - Sako 7mm mag

Why hunt with us in New Zealand?

We are one of the longest established outfitter/guides in New Zealand, with over 30 years experience.

Our hunts are based from our magnificent 11,000 square foot luxury Woodbury Safari Lodge, on the South Island of New Zealand and in the heart of Stag, Tahr, Fallow & Chamois country.

Our private hunting areas total over 55,000 acres.

We host clients & families from all over the world including the USA, Canada & Europe.
— Lindsay & Kimberly Fraser